Thursday, November 15, 2012

Drunk 1 & Drunk 2

What a fun, fun night!!!  We went to Renee and Brad's Halloween Party and had a BLAST!  They went above and detail was missed!  I copied Erika and Justin's costume and it was fun to make but next year, I think I'm going to buy a store bought costume!  It takes a lot of time to be crafty!!

Me, Sarah and Renee - the hostess with the mostess!

Dancing Queen :)

All about pumpkins!

I volunteered in Paige's class for pumpkin morning!  Mrs. Teisher split the kiddos up into groups of 4 and the volunteers took the kids to different stations to learn all about pumpkins.  How much the pumpkin weighed, if it would float or not, how much string would fit around it, how many lines were on it, etc.  They guessed the answer first and then we figured out what the answer was.  It was so fun to be in her class but I was exhausted after only being there an hour!!  I have a whole new respect for Kindergarten teachers! Oh, and it was red ribbon week at school and this vest is the only red thing Paige had to wear...she actually wore jeans!

When I grow up...

I want to be BATMAN! And, I want to be Dad.  That's what Tyler said :)  Thought he might say a fireman after the visit at his preschool...he loved it!  He only goes Friday mornings and the visit was on a Wednesday so I took him and got to stay and watch.  As soon as we got situated with the class, Tyler turned to me and yelled "I LOVE PRESCHOOL!"

One of the fireman was confused and thought he was posing for the 2013 calendar...ha!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Early Bday Present for Paigey

Ava, Ethan and Nicole surprised Paige the other week with dinner at Rubios and a trip to see Disney on Ice!!  Paige was SO excited and I think it kind of freaked her out at first!  She figured it out pretty quick though and was so happy! They had a blast!!!  What a special present :)

Pumpkin Patch Round 1

My Mom came in town the other weekend for a visit and we hit the pumpkin patch on Sunday.  We were on our way there and saw The McFarlands on the road and ended up following them all the way to the pumpkin patch!  The kids thought it was the funniest thing ever!!

Lunch at Fidel's