Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tyler's Boo Boo

I still can't even believe that this happened! Tyler was walking around in socks (without grippers)...slipped and fell in the bathroom...and cut his eye on the bathtub! :( Poor, poor baby. It happened in my parents bathroom in Texas, which might seem a little more stressful that it happened there, but it actually was just the opposite. It was so nice to have my Mom and Dad there to help and I'm glad Paige wasn't there because I think it might have freaked her out. We got right in the hospital and the staff was great.

Here we are waiting to see the doc

Tyler did SO well with the stitches. I was really nervous and it went as smooth as it possibly could. They put numbing medicine on it and it worked wonders. He didn't feel a thing and just sucked on his passy and really didn't seem to be bothered! Thank GOD! Here's the after pictures. POOR BABY!!!

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