Thursday, December 1, 2011

Paige's actual birthday

My oh my...I honestly can't believe Paige is FOUR years old. I'm going to loose it next year when she turns 5. She has become the most caring, sweet, entertaining, grateful, beautiful and perfect little girly girl! I love her more than words can describe and I'm so proud of who she has become and look forward to all the years to come. She has truly fulfilled my lifelong dream of being a Mom and every single moment with her is such a gift. I thank God for her everyday and that he chose me to be her Mom. She is such a special, precious gift! Paige turning 4 has made me cherish moments with Tyler even more because it puts in to perspective how truly fast they grow up! I can't listen to the Taylor Swift "Don't ever grow up" song and can't read a few of Paige's books. I open the book and before I can even read one word, I start crying! Paige knows what books and songs make me react like that and she is always protecting me because Jeromy always tries to slip the songs in when I'm not paying attention! Anyway, here are some pics from her actual birthday. LOVE YOU PAIGEY!

Quick trip to Container Store to check out some of the cool stuff Kendyl keeps mentioning...she works there now!

Birthday Lunch at Cheesecake Factory!

Red Velvet Cheesecake...DELICIOUS!


Lisa and Ryan said...

oh man- can't listen to that taylor swift song either! It makes me cry every time!!! Love our girls! Watch out- 5 was a tear jerker!! :)

Lindsey E. said...

Kels- Paige is such a little doll! Clint and I have enjoyed so much watching her grow...she's turning into such a precious girl! I wish I could see her more often and especially have Julia see her more. She is the perfect little girly girl role model! Happy 4th Birthday,'re growing up too fast!! xoxo