Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My baby boy is TWO!

We had Tyler's "BUZZ BIRTHDAY!" (that's how he would say it) at Playwerx this past Saturday and Tyler had an absolute blast! He hit the structure as soon as we got there and didn't stop until it was time to go. Jerm went in there with him and couldn't keep up! Everyone there was talking about how Tyler was in his own little world and was super fast and coordinated. What a perfect party place for Tyler!

Paige, Tyler and Maddie

This picture started out posed and somehow turned in to this. Ha!

Tyler, can I pleeeeease have some of your goldfish?

Argh. You're lucky it's your birthday kid.

I'll give you one guess who's hitting her in the head.

Are all of those cupcakes for me?!

Happy Birthday to you!

Tyler kept making this little kiss face while eating his cupcake. Cutie pie!

Lemme see that balloon...

AHH! I let go of the balloon! (love Paige's face)

Present time!!

Is this what I think it is?!

It is, it is!!! Buzz Lightyear wings from Grammy & Pappy!!

Got all his Buzz gear on and hit the skateboard with Dad

The Donnelly family came over for some birthday fun and so did the Elleraas fam but we forgot to take a picture! The kids love playing with the new lego table from Tootsie & Wally Pop!
What a super fun day! We love you Tyler Buggy!

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