Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter at Grammy & Pappy's!

We shared a room with our kids and Tyler woke up at 5:30am (yay!) and we stayed in our room quiet until 7:30am and then let the kids go wake up their cousins. The Easter Bunny had already delivered the eggs in the house so we couldn't leave our room before the twins were up!

Waiting one more minute for Zoey to be ready!

What a serious face!
Tyler and Hayden love each other so much! They would go to bed asking for each other and wake up asking for each other. Love that Reyna and I brought matching Buzz jammies and didn't even plan it!


And, Zoey and Paige love each other so much! Zoey's looking to Paige on how to strike a pose ;)

You got it Zoey!

Grammy gave the girls a headband with hair and it has a braid along the head band.  Paige calls it her Princess Leia hair and wears it all the time!  Here are the kids watching Lego Star Wars

Family Pic!

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