Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Jammies

We have no shortage of Christmas jammies in our house (thank you Danielle!) and I'm pretty sure the kids have been wearing them since the beginning of October! Anyway, here are some cute pics of the kiddos in their jammies.
This was so sweet. Paige usually snuggles with me and Tyler while we are reading his bedtime story and the other night she took it upon herself to read it to him! This is his favorite book - a book all about things that go - tractors, trucks...the works.

Ethan and Ava gave us their matching Christmas jammies and Paige loves them because hers is a dress.
This one cracks me up - they look so formal...watching Sesame Street!
And these crack me up because Tyler looks so sweet in the first one and then he starts wrestling his sister!

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