Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Night

So, I might have bribed the kids with M&M's if they smiled but look at what cute pictures I got! And yes, I know they all look the same but I couldn't pick just one so I threw them all in.

Tyler was a little apprehensive at first but once he got the idea of "trick-or-treating", he was all about it! And, it was so cute because he knows what M&M's look like so that's what he would pick out of the basket. And, Paige would grab him a piece if he didn't make it to the basket quick enough. What a sweet big sis ;)

Look who else dressed up?! Nicole LOVES Halloween.
This is Paige jumping up and down because she is so excited. I love seeing her so happy!
Tyler, Paige, Ava, Ethan & Cadence
Chris even wore a wig! The kids thought this was hilarious.

And, so did Nicole's Mom!
This was so cute. At the end of the night, Paige kept saying how tired she was so she sat down in Tyler's car and he started pushing her and would push our hand away when we tried to help.
Taking care of his big sister!
And, now snuggling up to watch the Charger game with Dad.

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