Sunday, January 9, 2011

Couples Christmas Party...after Christmas!

Last night we had our couples Christmas party. Yes, we are fully aware that it is January but this is the first Saturday night that worked for everyone! Kristen kept all her Christmas decorations up and hosted a great party. We ate dinner and then had a gift exchange. I think it was a white elephant? I can't remember what it's called but when you draw a number and pick a gift from the pile. Anyway, here we are about to open presents.
Kim and her nutcracker
Dave and Sarah opening the gift I brought...Valentines Day lingerie and boxers...ha!
Hot Momma!
At Kim's Christmas party...after a few martinis...Jeromy was caught eating ham straight from the pulled the ham from the bone and shoved it in his mouth! So, it's the big joke now about Jeromy and his ham. Shereen and Isa brought Jerm some ham...ha!
And, a Christmas exchange this year wouldn't be complete without a Shake Weight!
Fun night. So nice to spend time with our friends without the kiddos. We decided last night we're going to do one in the Summer too. Can't wait!

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