Friday, January 14, 2011

Future Scientists

Last Sunday we met Matt, Reyna, Hayden and Zoey at the Ruben H Fleet Science Center. We had never been and it was so fun!

After the science center, we went to the park to play for a minute. Tyler was so exited to get out of the stroller and stand! This kid is so mentally ready to walk. He gets so happy when he is standing! He's taken a few steps at a time so I think he'll walk before his birthday. Some people aren't ready for their kids to walk but I can't wait! I'm not a big crawling fan. I'd rather them just walk!
Oh, and you may notice his converse shoes...or cons as they are known in our house. Paige thinks it is so cool that Tyler has a pair and Jerm even got a pair the other day. Now she thinks I need some!

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Lindsey E. said...

get out of town....tyler is the most adorable thing i've laid my eyes on!!! well, except paige, but you know that!! Miss you, sister!