Saturday, January 1, 2011


Thursday Paige went to work with Jerm! It wasn't a typical you can see he didn't even wear a suit...and they were having a lunch bbq so he thought it would be fun to take Paige. She was so funny when they were walking out the door she made sure she had her laptop like Dad :)

After her nap, I had her stand next to all of our Christmas cards. I LOVE getting Christmas cards! I think it's so fun and love everyone I get!
Here's my little busy body. My goodness, this little guy is into everything right now and doesn't stay still for 1 second. I didn't have to put any child locks around our house for Paige and I'm thinking I'm going to need to get some for Tyler. He loves opening the cabinet where the trash is and the fireplace. I'm starting to see more of the difference between boys and girls!
For New Years Eve, our neighborhood had an awesome street party. Everyone brought food to share and there was a jumpy house for the kiddos. They had enough heating lamps and fire pits so everyone was warm. We brought this huge movie screen and played some movies for the kiddos. What a fun night! We decided to make it an annual thing :)

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