Monday, February 7, 2011

Loving the January beach days

Before I started to update my blog tonight, I was catching up on friends blogs. A lot of them live in Texas and have been posting pictures of their kids in snowsuits making snowmen and I'm uploading pictures of my kids in swimsuits at the beach! Anyway, this was last weekend while my parents were visiting.

I love the beach!
Paige is having a blast at the beach this year! It's fun to see how her creative mind works and what she does to have fun.
She stood up one of her buckets and started to sing Taylor Swift...hilarious!
Then she stacked 2 buckets and jumped off them about 100 times. I love this picture!
Tyler had fun too! He ate a little sand but considering EVERYTHING goes in his mouth right now, he didn't eat nearly as much as I thought he would! He's so close to walking. His record right now is 16 steps...

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