Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pizza Playdate

Danielle had a group of us over last week for a pizza playdate. So much fun! Within minutes of us walking in the door, Paige and Clare connected and went straight into girly girl land. Sara and I went out to check on them and found them like this! Relaxing in beach chairs, legs crossed, purse, stroller and baby. They know the Mom gear pretty well! Paige's new thing is to pretend she's the Mom so I'm pretty sure this is what they were doing.
As if that wasn't entertaining enough, Corbin and Carson were running around like monkey's and the girls were looking at them like "what are you doing?". It's funny to see the kids who have played together for so long start to go into boy/girl roles.
Danielle managed to fit all 10 kiddos around her dining room table! The Donnelley's, Stallings', Reardon's, McCallion's, and Szekeres' were all there.
Maddie is the sweetest little girl! She loves Tyler and is so precious with him! She loves to hug and kiss him and now that he's a little older, she's started to play with him. Here she is trying to show him some love and say hello.

She was sitting on this chair and Tyler was standing up holding on to the chair. She started to try and pull him up next to her so I helped out a bit and sat him next to her. Well, the sitting part for Tyler didn't last long as you can see but she managed to get a little snuggle in before he was off to the next thing. So stinkin sweet!!

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Lindsey E. said...

Paige and her baby in the stroller with legs crossed cracks me up!!!! I love it!