Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Handy Hubby

You might remember Jeromy and his Dad ripping up all of the cactus plants the day of Paige's recital. Jeromy wanted to build a sandbox in the space. Then he wanted to add a shade over it...and decided to build a playhouse over it. After getting into it, he decided a deck with a roof would be better and I agreed so that's what he did! He's still deciding what kind of roof he wants...I'm voting for a canvas one...so it's 90% done but totally functioning and the kids have had so much fun building it, painting it and now playing in it!

Day one of constuction
Getting some help from the neighborhood kids
All the kids hanging on the deck...even Rohan and Vijay's grandma came over to check it out!
Staining it
And another crew of neighborhood kids over to check it out!
Chris and Jeromy enjoying a cold one
And, it's finished! You can kinda see the kids below playing in the sand
It was completed last Friday and this Sunday I took my parents to the beach and Jeromy decided to use the scraps and build a picnic table for the kids! He didn't go to the beach with us because he cut his knee surfing on Saturday. Anyway, he seriously busted this out in a few hours. IMPRESSED! He stained it last night and it should be dry to have dinner on it tonight! Maybe he's in the wrong business? Anyway, I put my foot down on these outside projects and asked him to focus on the inside of the house! I have lots of new decorating ideas...first of which I want him to frame all of our windows and install wainscoting in our downstairs bathroom. Hopefully you'll be seeing pictures of this soon :)

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Lisa and Ryan said...

Love this!!! Good job Jeromy!