Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Life with 4 kids and a night with Grammy & Pappy

Whew...4 kids = a messy house!! Ava and Ethan came over for about 3 hours while Nicole ran a run and I couldn't keep up with the messes! The kids (and Jeromy too!) had so much fun!
Jeromy and the boys made a race track and play area for the dinosaurs and farm animals
And, later that afternoon Grammy and Pappy came over! They got here Wednesday and spent time with Matt and Reyna for the first part of their trip.

Paige and Grammy painting (and Paige with her side pony tail compliments of Ava!)
And now Paige with wet hair from a bath! And, of course another outfit. I think Pappy read Tyler that tractor book about 100 times!

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