Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

What a special Mother's Day!!  Paige was so excited and planned out a surprise.  She told me some of her ideas...including a new car...and then said she and Jerm were leaving after her nap one day to go get the surprise.  I asked her how big the surprise was and she paused...opened her eyes really big...and said "Mom, it's HUMONGOUS" So, for a minute, I thought I was getting a new car!!!  I asked Jerm and he said unless they started selling new cars at Ralphs then I was out of luck.  Ha!  Turns out the humongous thing was a huge balloon!!  

 She picked out flowers, a Mother's Day balloon, a bottle of wine, trashy magazines, a card, and a huge cupcake.  Jeromy said it was all her idea and she picked everything out.  I LOVE THAT!!  That girl knows what her Momma likes!

She also sang me a little song :)

 And, then so did Tyler!

After my morning of sleeping in and all my surprises, we headed to Jake's for brunch.  It was perfect and the kids acted really well :)

You can't really tell from this picture, but that's the ocean out there!  It was a perfect day in every way ;)

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