Friday, October 5, 2012

Whatcha been up to?

A bunch of random pics...

Jeromy's first time to take Paige to school this year was in the blue Jeep!  She thought it was SO cool!

How Tyler looks after eating a chocolate bar

At The Village Preschool Picnic

Off to school 

Another Mexican Showdown dinner...and yes, Tyler has on pink, ballerina jammies :) Didn't bother him a bit!

We went to watch Ethan and Ava's soccer game one fun!  

Our friends in Texas, Clay & Catherine, have a little girl Claire and this is how they announced the sex of their number 2 baby

Precious!!  I love it!

Believe it or not...Tyler's favorite thing to eat is baby food.  I know, I know...the child is 2 1/2 years old but when I offer him pizza (for example), he'll say yes but he won't eat it!  Then, I'll offer him baby food and he'll eat it all.  So, I figure organic well balanced baby food is better than pizza anyway!  I'll pour it into a bowl so he can eat it himself (it comes in a glass jar) and sometimes it ends up all over the place like this :)

I'm sure they'll love this picture someday...2 kids going #2

Out to dinner for Uncle Matt's birthday!  The sun light in this place was so cool - I love how this picture turned out!

At UTC Mall...I still don't understand why they always freak out to ride the seems so boring to me!

At soccer class

Happy 5th Birthday Corbin!

Tyler is always so proud of himself when he hangs his light saber on his shorts

New Star Wars shoes...yay!

Happy 5th Birthday, Clare!!

It was a pink cute!

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