Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dinner with the McCallions

I feel like every post I do lately starts out with "we had so much fun!" but this night was so fun! We had the McCallions over for dinner and were watching Ethan and Ava. Nicole and Chris went out for dinner to celebrate his 40th birthday! Anyway, we had a great time with them...a little too much fun for me actually!

Corbin and Ethan - they didn't want their picture taken...ha!
Ava, Paige and Maddie
Eating ice cream sundaes! Jerm saw on Google that Sunday was the anniversary for the ice cream sundae so we just had to have them! The kids were stoked. Corbin is back there behind Paige even though you can't see him!
After dinner they played Rock Band. Me and Danielle chatted in the kitchen while they entertained us. I think Jerm got some pictures - the kids were hilarious!

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