Friday, April 15, 2011

We LOVE Aunt Kennel!!

Yes, we all know her name isn't's Kendyl...but no one in our family seems to remember that there is a "d" in there! Aunt Kendyl is so special to Paige and Tyler and I love it that she lives here in San Diego and gets to hang out with them so often. Paige loves playing with her and her little dog Jack! Any night she is over, the first thing Paige says the next morning is "where's Aunt Kennel?" She has helped us TREMENDOUSLY in the babysitting department. There are so many events we wouldn't have been able to go to without her. Anytime I need her help, she's there and that means the world to me. She practically spent every waking moment with Paige while I was in Texas for Jennifer's wedding celebration. Paige was sick and Kendyl rose to the occasion of staying with a sick child. What an Aunt!

Baking cupcakes while Mom's in Texas
Kendyl picked up Paige from preschool and she was STOKED to ride in her Mini Cooper. She opened up her sun roof and Paige thought that was the coolest thing. Cool Aunt Kendyl :)
She is so special to me and I feel blessed to have such an amazing sister!


Hicks Happenings said...

Isn't it the sweetest?! Reminds me of my sister that lives here!! Brig calls her Memmy instead of Emily! Where would we be without sisters??

Sarah said...

So sweet! There is nothing like having a sister :)

Reyna Stallings said...

Love the picture and Kennel too. Now, I am going to start borrowing her so we can go out. :)