Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No More Sick Stallings!

My poor kiddos haven't caught a break this year! I don't even remember when Paige started coughing but I finally took her in around the end of February and she got some antibiotics. We went for Tyler's one year checking mid-March and Tyler had double ear infections and Paige had her first ear infection! She hadn't complained about it, I just had the doctor check her out because she was still coughing. Round one of antibiotics for the Tyler and round two for Paige. Finished those and we went back to the doctor right after those were done because Tyler had croup! Thankfully after one breathing treatment at the doctor, his croup went away. We went back a few days later because of fever to find that he had another ear infection. Another one?! Round two for Tyler. Then we went back the beginning of this month because Paige got a fever that ended up rising to 104 at one point. The doctor heard rattling in her chest...requested we get an x-ray...and later that day found out she had a little pneumonia. PNEUMONIA?! You've got to be kidding! The doctor also checked Tyler's ears and his ear infection wasn't 100% gone so the doctor prescribed him another round of antibiotics for him. Round THREE for both of my kids!! We stayed home for a solid week to rest and get these kids well.

Oh, and Jeromy had bronchitis somewhere in the middle of all this. And, I somehow stayed healthy through it all! Thank God!

So, I'm happy to report that as of this moment, we are all healthy and happy!!!!! Let's hope it sticks for a while :)

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