Thursday, April 7, 2011

One Proud Momma

I had Paige's parent/teacher conference a few Friday's ago and she got a rave review!!! Of course, I think my child is close to perfect, but it means so much to hear it from someone else! The first thing her teachers said when I sat down was "Well, I think we all agree that Paige is an amazing kid so this should be short and sweet!" They said she was a pro-preschooler! She got "fully met" check marks for every aspect reviewed and the following paragraph:

Paige comes bouncing into the classroom with a big smile on her face eager to begin her day. She rotates successfully and with confidence throughout all areas of the classroom but prefers the dramatic play and art areas. We have been working with Paige to help her understand that other children have good ideas as well and it's important to take the time to listen to them. This can be a challenging skill for a child who naturally takes the leadership role, but it is something she's learning to work through. Paige is a joy to have in our class and is well like by her peers.

Ha! What a nice way to say she thinks she's the BOSS! I wonder where she gets that from? :)

We went to Target that day to pick out something to reward her. We decided a headband was a good idea but couldn't decide which one we liked. I took her picture with both to see which one (I know...totally ridiculous) she liked and she picked the light pink one. We seriously need to work on her smile!

And, I am so proud of Tyler! He is making more and more connections every day. Holding his foot up for me when we sit down to put his socks on, brushing his hair with a brush, putting the diaper where it should go on his body when I'm changing his diaper, etc. Just little things like that but it is just amazing to see him make those connections. He said "night night" the other day and I think he said "ball" once but he hasn't said it again. The kid LOVES balls! He gets so excited and no matter what toys are around he is totally drawn to the ball. He is such a smiley boy and has started to show a silly side. He'll pause and look for me when he knows he is doing something wrong...heading for the stairs (which this won't be as big of an issue because we got a gate yesterday!), getting into the trash, etc...and when he sees me will giggle! I love him so much and love that he's one now! Oh, and he loves music! Music class is so fun for him. He just walks around while the songs are playing with his eyebrows up, big smile and shaking whatever instrument is in his hands. Such a fun stage!

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Lindsey E. said...

Precious Paige!!! I can't believe she's already old enough for parent/teacher conferences.