Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Allergic to camping?

We got back from Texas on a Tuesday night...unpacked, cleaned and packed up again on Friday to go camping! We went last year around the same time with a big group and this year the group grew! It's so fun to go with all our friends. This year we had a total of 12 families!

Some of the kiddos all geared up to hike to the stream
Girly Girls
What a happy camper!

Hadley and Paige playing fairies

I know I posted multiple shots of this one picture but I couldn't pick just one!

Tyler could have thrown rocks here all day!

Yummy smores

After dinner the girls all got their hair braided. Paige loves playing with these girls!
So, now on to the title of this post ;) We had a great time until it was time for bed. BRRR!!! It was 36 degrees. Yup, 4 degrees away from from freezing! I did not expect it to be this cold and did not pack appropriately. So, we got the kids to bed fine and we went to bed around midnight. FREEZING. Oh, and we brought an air mattress that unknown to us, had a hole in it so we were sleeping on the ground. Not comfy. Jeromy and I were waking up about every 30 minutes and we both woke up at 3:30am to Paige whining and calling my name. Then she started puking!!! Yes, all over herself, her sleeping bag, etc. POOR THING! So, we got her as cleaned up as we could and she snuggled with me while Jerm packed us up. We were back home by 6am and everyone slept in until 9am. I was such a pain to pack up and leave but SO NICE to get in our own bed and be warm. This was my 3rd camping trip every and Jeromy is lucky that my other experiences have been good!! Anyway, Paige was totally fine and I'm not sure what made her sick. So, I've come to the conclusion that she's allergic to camping!!


Lisa and Ryan said...

OMG- that sounds like a fun night of sleep!! The rest of the trip looked so fun- love it! I was cracking up at the picture of Tyler on your lap with the College shirt on and holding the watermelon. He looked like he had a watermelon hangover!!!

Lindsey E. said...

Paige is a girl after my own heart! Great pictures!