Saturday, October 8, 2011

Time with G and P

Grammy & Pappy got some great play time with the kids while they were here! Saturday we didn't leave the house so it was a full day of fun. The boys went and golfed 9 holes with Chris and Jeromy beat Chris!!! They have been playing for a few years and Chris always Jeromy was super excited about this and rubbed it in Chris' face every way he could :) Boys will be boys!
This is one of Tyler's favorite books. It's a picture book with all things that move. I think Pappy read it to him at least 10 times in a row! That's what Grandparents are for :)

Sunday night Matt, Reyna and kids came over for a bbq. Clela got all the kids Halloween shirts so we attempted to get a picture. None of mine turned out so hopefully Reyna got some!

"Look Tyler, my shirt has a spider on it!"
"No way, mine has one too!"
Hayden, let's cut the small talk. I've got some serious things to discuss with you. (this picture CRACKS me up!)

Checking out a hot air balloon flying over our neighborhood
Look, we've both got belly buttons!
Snuggle time!

We had all the lights turned down so the flash of the camera scared Tyler!

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