Thursday, October 27, 2011

The twins are 2!!

The twins had their second birthday party last weekend and they kids all wore their Halloween costumes. What's cuter than a bunch of toddlers in costumes?!

Did someone call for a fireman?!

If not, Bat Girl is here to help! We decided another dress-up outfit would be better than her hula girl costume for the park.

A cute little fireman and a cute little Minnie Mouse swinging with their Pappy

Bat Girl!! Whoo-hoo! (thank goodness I decided at the last minute to have Paige put on her pink monkey bar shorts...that outfit is so short!)

Decorating a pumpkin

I think Tyler was trying to take his hat off but doesn't he look like he's saying "Well, howdy do"

And, now he's winking!!

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Sarah said...

Tyler is the cutest fireman!!!