Monday, January 9, 2012

8 Moms + 16 Kids + Jumpy House = Chaotic Fun!

I had the brilliant idea to meet some of my high school girlfriends at a jumpy house place for a playdate. HA! I think we each said about one sentence to each other!! It was fun but that isn't the best environment to try and hold a conversation. There was a unanimous vote to have a Mom's night out next time! I was just thinking the weather was going to be too cold to be outside and this was a good inside option for a variety of ages. Anyway, lesson learned and next time we'll hang out sans kids!

Trying to take pictures at the bounce house was close to impossible but I did get a quick pic of Paige & Addyson.
And, one of Ben & Tyler!
A few of us went to Chick Fil A after for a quick lunch. Phew, I was worn out after that morning of fun!

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