Monday, January 9, 2012

Hardin Christmas

Nanny and Poppa came over for Christmas dinner and opening presents. We opened all of our presents that morning (did I not take any pictures that morning?? Can't seem to find any!) Tootsie & Wally Pop spoiled us for sure! These kids are so loved :) I got lots of great presents but I want to mention what they got Jeromy. Have you seen these?
Jeromy got roller shoes!! Every time he sees a kid with these on he says he wants I put my request in with Tootsie. He hasn't gotten the hang of them yet but he likes them!! Only Jeromy :)

Nanny got Paige a new fancy dress...that she immediately put on...some books and a night shirt. Paige loves reading books so she asked Nanny to read it to her as soon as she pulled it out of the bag!

We got Nanny & Poppa a 2012 calendar and a photo book. Well...the card said it was from our family but my Mom created and purchased them! I was a little overwhelmed with the idea of making 6 calendars so my Mom made the Great-Grandparents a calendar and photo book. Thanks Toots!

I didn't get a picture of Tyler with his present from them but they got him a UT Football Jersey and some books too.

Tyler showing Nanny how to use an iphone

Paige looks so grown up in this picture!!

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