Monday, January 9, 2012

Day with Nanny and Poppa

What a fun morning! We started with a trip to the Fire Station! Tyler was in shock and I don't think he said one word the entire time we were there...he loved it! Paige had fun too but was a little scared of the truck so we just looked at it and the fireman showed us all the bells and whistles. The firemen could not have been more friendly and accommodating.

The firemen gave the kids a pencil, eraser, fireman hat and a badge sticker!

The kids love their vibrating chair that is supposed to be for your feet!

Time to bake cupcakes!

How lucky were we that it was trash day and Poppa got to take Tyler out to see the trash truck! Amazing how excited the kids get about the trash truck...
I think it was so cute how short of a time it took the kids to warm up to Nanny & Poppa. They loved them right away! Poppa kept leaving the kitchen area to go get toys and stuff and when he would leave the area Tyler would scream "Poppa"?! and would run to go find him.
Playing tea party

Mmmmm...those are some good cupcakes!

Eating some lunch and Tyler saying "CHEESE"!
And, after lunch, a little park time! We can walk to the park from their house so it was perfect! We would always walk there when we were kids so it's cool that they can walk my kids there now.

One more quick book before we left and took some cupcakes to the firemen to say thanks for their hostility! What a fun day and how special that my kids get to spend this time with their Great-Grandparents ;)

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