Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Continues in Texas!

Santa visited Tootsie & Wally Pop's house on Christmas so there were some gifts out when we first walked in! He brought the kids a chalkboard top activity table, lots of arts and crafts supplies, and 1 big special gift for each kid. Paige got an awesome globe! She asked Santa to bring her globe to Texas and he did! It's an interactive globe with a wand. When you touch the globe with the wand, it tells you about the area that you're touching. It has a keyboard and you can update it. How cool is that?! I need to spend some time on it :) We didn't really take any pictures that night except this one

Yup, that's right...Tyler got a drum set! Paige accidentally knocked it over (I might have pushed her...ha! JK but they are so loud!) so the little drummer boy's act was short lived. He loved it and so did Jeromy!

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