Monday, May 30, 2011

And more...

What a precious little boy!! At Pacific Highlands Ranch pool. This was such a fun day. Sarah invited some friends, who invited some friends and it ended up that we knew a ton of people!
Playing with big sis

Paige missed a dance class and we made up a class with Clare! They had so much fun :)

Sea World! I don't have a pass for Paige yet (you're supposed to have one when they are 3 so I had her hide in the stroller under the hood!) We don't go that often because of Tyler's naps and preschool so the next time we go I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy one for her. They didn't say anything but I feel kinda bad!

A quick pic to show Tootsie that the flip-flops she gave her fit perfectly :) Nice outfit Paige...she would wear that silly pink skirt everyday if I let her.
These pictures are a little backwards. This was our ride home from Easter. The kids were pooped!
But before they fell asleep they were having fun! Tyler's first time to stick out his tongue. I just happened to have the camera in his face!

Easter morning at Grammy and Pappy's

This was on the way to Grammy and Pappy's house. We stopped at Tom's farm to use the restroom and Paige grabbed Tyler's hand to show him where to go.
Tyler was walking around with Paige's princess wand and she put a tiara on him. I missed the timing a bit but you get the picture :)
This is one of Paige's preschool class pictures. I LOVE this one!
Jeromy has wanted to start a band for such a long time. Chris showed some interest so Jeromy bought him a base for his birthday. This was their first jam session...

Hoppy Easter! Poor Tyler was terrified...
One Friday afternoon, we met Jeromy at Smash Burger in Del Mar for lunch.
Our future plumber
Miss Priss
We went to the beach to hang out one day after preschool and stopped to grab some pizza.

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