Monday, May 30, 2011

Pics from phone...WAY overdue!!

I got an iphone in March and just today finally got it synced up with my computer! So, I have about 200 pictures to upload :) I'm going to do about 20 a post and just a little we go!

We went to Jeromy's office for a Fat Tuesday party so Paige and Tyler wore masks. Paige was so excited...she fell asleep in the car on the way there!
Ready to go to the party!
Eating a nutritious and delicious dinner while I was in Texas for Jennifer's wedding. The rest of the pictures are from when I was in Texas. I don't think Paige wore a bow (or even brushed her hair for that matter) or wore anything that matched while I was gone!
Pizza Party at our neighbors house...Owen showing Paige who's boss :)
Pizza party
At Gavin's birthday party while I was in Texas...cute outfit, huh?
Happy Birthday to you Gavin! Paige anxiously waiting to cut the cake
Look at the monster piece of cake she got...per Paige's request
Ava went to the American Doll store in LA for a birthday party and was so excited about her new doll. Paige has my doll from when I was a little girl. Funny how Paige looks like her doll...a little beat up...and Ava looks perfect and even has matching hair with her doll!
Dads make shift hair tie
Missing Mom ;)
Skater chick
Breakfast at I-Hop with Ava and Chris
Playing with their Rapunzel dolls
Planting a garden at Ava's house

Snuggling up for a movie night
At the hospital in Texas to get Tyler's stitches :(
Poor buggy

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